Shonal Singh

Shonal Singh by Ted SealeyI am a postgraduate student under the supervision of Prof. Nalini Joshi as part of her 2012 Georgina Sweet Australian Laureate Fellowship. My current research focuses on the construction of space of initial values of fourth-order analogues of the continuous Painlevé equations using resolution of singularities from algebraic geometry.
I obtained my Master of Science in Applied Mathematics in 2012 from The University of the South Pacific, under the supervision of Dr. Bibhya Nand Sharma and Dr. Jito Vanualailai. The focus of the thesis was motion planning algorithms for nonholonomic systems using the artificial potential field approach and the stability analysis of such systems.


Sharma, Bibhya N., Vanualailai, Jito and Singh, Shonal (2014) Tunnel passing maneuvers of prescribed formations. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control. 24(5): 876-901.
Raghuwaiya, Krishna and Singh, Shonal (2013) Formation Types of Multiple Steerable 1-Trailer Mobile Robots Via Split-Rejoin Maneuvers. New Zealand Journal of Mathematics. 43: 7-21.
Sharma, Bibhya N., Vanualailai, Jito and Singh, Shonal (2012) Lyapunov-based nonlinear controllers for obstacle avoidance with a planar n-link doubly nonholonomic manipulator. Robotics and Autonomous Systems. 60(12): 1484-1497.

Travel in 2016

December: 60th annual meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society, AustMS, in Canberra, Australia
May: NSF/CBMS Regional Research Conference on Discrete Painlevé Equations in Texas, USA